Paper & Scissors DIY Box Christmas edition in collaboration with MAKO


Christmas paper craft DIY box containing 7 different illustrations, all together printed in 20 copies and packed with 3 different pieces of string, 6 wooden sticks, and some Christmas lyrics. If you have wondered what can you do with it, we made some instructions in verses;

“Making something with your own two hands,

brings joy that never ends.

Here are some tools and you make the rest,

use your imagination and bring out your best.

You can use some rope to make a garland

or you might prefer hanging them one by one.

Put them on a stick to decorate your cake

or is a mini theatre something you’d rather make?

Use them on a Christmas wreath

or just let them decorate your Christmas tree.

There are no limits within this box,

we are happy to hear all your ideas, folks!”

Swipe left & right for more variations of wallpapers.

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