Mono Green

75,00  per sq m

Product Price

Created for those who want a piece of wall art that follows their personal interest – love for plants and gardening. It is a part of MONO collection that uses different variations of only one color on white background. With its mild, natural, earthy vibe it will make your room feel more ralxing and calm.

All the wallpapers are customized by the exact size of your wall, making sure that the final picture makes sense and has no visible deviations. Patterns and illustrations can also be adjusted on the size you prefer.

All the wallpapers are self-adhesive and printed on high quality structured paper with a linen effect. They are washable so you do not have to worry about possible stain appearance (if they do appear just use a wet cloth to wipe it off)

Materials we use for printing are certified as PVC free and eco friendly ( Oeko-Tex and FSC certifications) so our products are completely safe for your children, pets and yourself.

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